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Eat, Pray, WINE!!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Kirkland Uncorked wine festival. It was a perfect summer day with bright sunshine and temperatures up to 85 degrees, it was the ideal setting for a day of sipping and sampling the best Pacific Northwest wines. The wine sellers had a wonderful selection of rose and sauvignon blanc to choose from, making for a truly enjoyable day. Everyone was dressed to impress in fashionable lakeside attire, making it an event to remember.

I had the pleasure of tasting a Sauvignon Blanc and Roses' from the Tattoo Girl's Winery. The delicate balance of the two wines was delightful and the award-winning blanc was truly something special. I was so glad I got to experience the subtle notes of the blanc with the slightly sweeter roses. It was a perfect combination that left me wanting more! The Tattoo Girl's Winery is a great example of how quality and creativity can come together to create something truly delightful.

Speaking of creativity, Fashion is a key component of any wine-tasting event and can add to the overall experience in many ways. Choosing the right outfit can be the difference between looking like a true wine connoisseur, and feeling like you’ve just walked off the set of a rom-com. With the variety of fashion choices available, you can choose an outfit that best suits the tone of the event. Whether you want to be funny, cheeky, or even a girl boss, there’s something to fit your style. A summer fun look could include a sundress or a bright maxi skirt, while a more formal look could be achieved with a classic tailored dress. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s comfortable and you feel confident. With the perfect outfit, you’ll be sure to make a statement and be the star of the show!

With that, ladies here are a few top-pick dresses of the summer! First, we have this amazing Abercrombie and Fitch dress with a perfect blue floral pattern, which will have you ready for those poolside sipping days in no time. Then you have the orange dream dress from JCrew, the color just pops and you will be the talk of the event while wearing this, my friend wore this dress and got so many compliments on it, I highly recommend it for any girl boss!

Lastly, there's the breathable yellow dress from Amazon, this dress is an amazing deal. It's light and airy, perfect for being outside most of the day. With that, I am signing off Happy Monday all, keep on #Girlbossing and buy that dress!!

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