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Tis The Season for Coats!

Now that Christmas is over and winter is nearing an end, why not coat shop! This is the best time, all coats are going on sale, as they are out of season. (What is that saying again, oh yes) out with the old, and in with the new. Now of course if you are like me, you want the most recent fashion trends. But guess what never goes out of style? Well, your classic Puffer, Pea, and Fleece coats to be exact. So today, I am going to show you all some of my favorite coats that I got this winter, that you can get now! That way you will have them for next season. Though let us be real, if you live in the northwest, you will need your coats for another 2 months anyway!

First up is this classic winter long puffer coat from Eddie Bauer! It is the Glacier Peak Seamless Stretch Down Parka I got it in black but it also comes in Atlantic blue. It was retailing for about $299.99 but is currently $179.99, which is a great price for a coat that will last you a few years. Eddie Bauer is known for their warranties, but along with that their products last! This coat was at the center of my wardrobe all winter, its classy sleek matt material works well with any outfit, no matter whether you want to dress it up or down. It is also, water-repellent and can be worn in rainy or snowy weather, which is a plus. I mostly wore it with jeans and a cute top, but as you can see in the photos, leggings and a sweatshirt work just as well! I bought this in a medium, and it was a perfect fit, I was able to wear a few basic layers underneath it. Therefore, I would only recommend sizing up if you plan on seriously layering with this coat!

Next up we have the lovely fleece must-have. I had seen so many long warm fleece coats this past winter, but I just never got one! Either they were way too expensive, or they just were not the color I was looking for. But I came across this one at The Buckle, it is called the “Ashley Sherpa Dress Coatit is currently out of stock for shipping, but one can still get it in stores. Highly recommend getting this coat. It is similar to the Eddie Bauer one, as you can dress it up or down, and can we just take a minute to appreciate the color! The color is called, “Port”, it is like a bright red wine shade. The color in my opinion works well with many different outfits and color variations. Therefore, one will never get bored of wearing this coat, plus it is nice and soft, perfect for those cold blustery days. This coat would also work well in the fall months, as it will keep you nice and toasty, but it is not an overbearing warmth. I got a size medium, this coat is true to size, so no need to size up, the coat provides a bit of extra room for layering so you will be all set, for those fall and winter days.

Lastly, we have the coat of the season, my personal favorite! The Wool Blend Coat by Sam Elderman. I got this coat as a gift for Christmas, and let me tell you, what a great gift it was indeed! Now, remember all the wonderful, and colorful coats that made an appearance at the inauguration? Well, this coat may not be the same price point, but let me tell you, it comes in any color form under the sun! The coat retails for between $88 – 149.90 at Nordstrom, then at Nordstrom Rack for about $99.90. Unfortunately, I do not believe the coat is in stock at the rack currently, in the specific color that is shown in the photos. But they do have a nice red color that I would recommend. As I stated before, this coat comes in multiple different colors, mine is the Dijon shade, (because well, my friend knows me too well, and this girl is obsessed with anything yellow). Though no matter your favorite color, this coat comes in it, from blue, to purple and green to black. I got this coat in a medium, and honestly, if I had a choice, I might size up. Due to the shape, and fit of this coat, it naturally sits on one’s hips, and creates a pear shape A-line down your body. Which in conclusion is quite the flattering look. The only problem is that there is not much room for extra movement. Therefore, if you do not like coats to be snug around your mid-section, size up. Other than that, this coat will spark your wardrobe with color, and you will feel unstoppable! This coat is like the power suit you have always wanted.

I have provided all the links above if you feel like buying! And if you do not feel free to browse, you might find something else you like too! Happy Shopping everyone! Tis the season for coats!

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