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Ana Luisa: The sustainable Jewelry Review

Hey guys, how’s life treating you, I hope it has been golden. Kinda like this jewelry brand I discovered. (yes, I understand that was a really bad pun, no one said I was good at these). Anyways, have any of you been looking for some petite pieces to add to your collection, look no further, Ana Luisa has got you covered. Ana Luisa is a sustainable jewelry brand that focuses on providing quality products while still engaging in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). They want our environment to thrive just as much as your jewelry game.

All of their pieces are gorgeous and mostly made with sustained gold, though they do have a few pieces in silver as well. I have bought quite a few lovely bits myself, which you will be able to see below.

In the photos above I am wearing the Rozzah moon necklace and Elios Huggie Hoops. These were two of the first pieces received from Ana Luisa. These pieces meant a lot because my name means star, and with such a unique name there are not a lot of jewelry products that have my name or even correlate for that matter. Therefore, when I found this necklace, with the star and moon, I knew this was an addition that was worth making. Currently, the necklace is $42.50 it's on sale right now with a %15 discount, as the product used to be $50. While the earrings are $50.15 and used to be $59. Plus, if you use my code satarapost12, you will get an additional 12% off your purchase. Though for both of these items I love how elegant they look, I have worn them with many outfits, work attire, or just casual, and they look lovely with anything. They do not rust, nor fade, overall, they are immaculate.

One other piece on would like to share is called the Fanny Circle Earrings. These earrings I am in love with. You can dress them up or down, wear them with jeans and a t-shirt, or a sleek party dress. Either way, these earrings will rock your outfit, and bring it all together. The detailing is quite nice, with small crystals on the front panel of the base, making your ear shine. Also, yes they are hoops, but nice and light, therefore you won’t feel as if your ear is completely falling off. SO.... for the people out there reading this, who like hoop earrings! Go get yours!!!!

That is all for this post guys, but I hope you have a lovely week, catch me on Instagram for some great content, and in the meantime have fun shopping! Ana Luisa Code: satarapost12 = 12% off your order!

Disclaimer: This was not a paid advertisement of any kind, I just love Ana Luisa’s products and wanted to share some thoughts with all of you.

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