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The Pattern of my Life: Pattern Hair Products Review!

The kinks and curls of my life are never-ending, but they are beautiful! The battle of my love for my curls has lasted for years, there were times that I wanted it straight, others curly. Back in middle and high school, I would straighten my hair at least once a week, maybe more. On top of that, being a swim instructor and all, the chlorinated water was not my hair's best friend. In fact, the damage was tremendous.

In college, I started wearing my hair more naturally, but the curl was just non-existent. Basically, due to all the straightening, my curl had lost its memory, and so my hair was just a large poof ball, (so attractive). Through quarantine I had so much time on my hands, trying new things and experimenting with natural hairstyles was entertaining. Because there was nowhere to go, I did not feel the need to straighten my hair at all. This is when through all my research self-love dedication, I found the hair brand Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross.

Now this brand will save your curls, with differing hydrating formulas, and leave-in conditioners to styling creams and more, your hair will love you. Let us start by talking about a few products I have used. Opening with the leave-in conditioner! This cream totally changed my hair for the better. Its official name is Leave-In conditioner for curlies, coilies & tight textures. I use this product almost every day, it is great to use once out of the shower, to refresh those lovely locks. It retails for 25 dollars for a 9.8 oz bottle, which is the size shown in the photos to your right. Though there are other sizing options as well, (a 3 oz bottle for $9 and a 25 oz option for $42). Overall, this cream leaves your hair moisturized and smelling amazing.

The cream itself is a rich hydrating cream that is a bit thicker but not overbearing and soaks into the scalp nicely. The other great factor is the ingredient list, such as Behentrimonium Methosulfate which is a plant-based emulsifying wax that is naturally derived from Colza or Rapeseed oil. It is great for hair because it does not build up, and it is non-irritating to the scalp. Another great ingredient used in the cream is Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, which can benefit hair by controlling dandruff, help hair grow, repair the damage, and maintain a balance for your hair. All in all, this product is amazing for your hair, and just after 1-2 uses you will notice a difference in how your hair feels.

The next product we have from the pattern is styling cream. For any twists or braids, even if you want to wear your hair completely all-natural, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. The cream comes in sizes 3 oz for $9 and 15 oz for $25. Granted this cream will last you a long while. I bought the 3 oz and use it about 3 times a week and it has lasted me almost two months. Though I do not use it a lot, because a little goes a long way.

The styling cream is rich with Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, a great way for your hair to receive Vitamin A, E, and F. This is also amazing for the scalp and any dryness one may be experiencing. Furthermore, if you want help with different styles or you want to try something new, on the pattern website there are videos by Tracee herself! She shows how to use all the products and what you can do with your hair based on them. Highly recommend checking them out.

The next two products I have tried include the edge gel for $12 (4 oz) and hair oil for $25 (3.9 oz). Now, these products I use more for hair maintenance, the hair edge gel is strictly for styling and comes in handy for those sleek-looking styles you may want. While the hair oil is better for moisture and is more of a protectant which I recommend using before a heat style or if you like just want to use it on your hair before bed, then wrap your hair up so your pillows do not get ruined by the oil.

To conclude, the Pattern haircare brand is great for all your curls needs and I would check them out. My hair has completely transformed because of the brand. Also, taking the time to find out and experiment with what your hair needs are key ladies and gentlemen.

Until next time! Signing off!

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