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The Honest Truth...


The honest truth...if you want glowing radiant skin get yourself the Dew Wonders Kit from Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba. This kit is comprised of three jewels and let me tell you, they work wonders for sure!

The first there's the Prime & Perfect mask. Now this mask is magic, ladies, and gentlemen you will love this mask. You only need a small amount, but it's so worth it. Just apply either before or after your morning shower and let sit for 10 minutes. I normally put it on and then go make some coffee, (because your girl can't live without her caffeine rush in the morning). This mask provides a simple way for one to feel like they're at the spa while being in the comfort of their own home. On top of that the pigmentation alone, for this mask is amazing. This mask is a must, for your everyday skincare routine.

Next, you have the lovely Vitamin C Radiance Serum. Oh yes, and once you put this on, your skin will look like it has been blessed by the gods themselves. Vitamin C is always good for the skin, but with this formula, there is aloe leaf juice extract which helps the skin not only glow but smooth out. Therefore say goodbye to all the dark spots on your skin, because using this a few times each week will surely help those spots disappear. Plus the serum itself has a tint of shine to it, so it looks as if the sun itself has been bottled up, just for you. I use about two pumps every morning for a nice shine.

Finally, we have the product that leaves you asking for more, (yes guys it's that good)! The Everyday Radiance Moisturizer. Now when I tell you I haven't loved a moisturizer as much as I love this one believe it! The moment it hits your skin, hydration takes hold. It's a lightweight formula so, one doesn't feel the need to wipe it off immediately. In fact, it's great for all skin types because of its consistency. People with really dry skin can benefit because of the active softening/moisturizing ingredients. While people with oily skin can sit back and enjoy the lightness of the cream, while still receiving the benefits. It's like going to the beach, there is something for everyone!

There you have it, a lovely recommendation for all your glowing needs. The link below has all the products talked about. Also, Honest Beauty has all the essentials for mom and baby, so if we have any momma's reading today, I'd take a peek!

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